Wheel bolts

The most important sector for the use of the wheel bolts manufactured by FORMA-TECH is made up of bolts for aluminum alloy wheels. For the wheel spacers for sports cars are available wheel bolts of longer lengths. A large warehouse of parts in various sizes allow for a rapid delivery.

Cone shaped wheel bolts
Hexalobular head bolts with conical underheads in the quality class 10.9 are realized in various shapes and dimensions.



Spherical wheel bolts
Hexalobular head bolts with spherical underheads. The wheel bolts in the quality class 10.9 are realized in various shapes and dimensions.




Wheel bolts with extended head lengths (Mercedes)
In alternative to the standard form for Mercedes which requires a long and thin diameter, FORMA-TECH has developed a wheel bolt which is manufactured completely through cold forming. Extended head length wheel bolts (Mercedes) made through the cold forming process.

60° conical wheel bolts

TAB.5L M12x1.5xL CH17x13 Fl.23

TAB.6L M12x1.5xL CH19x13 Fl.23

TAB.12L M12x1.25xL CH19x13 Fl.23

TAB.13L M12x1.25xL CH17x13 Fl.23

TAB.43L M14x1.5xL CH17x13 Fl.23

TAB.52L M14x1.5xL CH19x13 Fl.23

TAB.64L M12x1.5xL CH17x7 Fl.22

TAB.65L M14x1.5xL CH17x7 Fl.22

TAB.77 M12x1.25x40 CH17x13 Fl.24 (I.V.)

TAB.77-1 conical washer 60°

TAB.78 M12x1.5x42 CH17x13 Fl.24 (I.V.)

TAB.78-1 conical washer 60°

TAB.103L M14x1.25xL CH17x13 Fl.23

TAB.108L M14x1.25xL CH17x7 Fl.22

TAB.110/1 M12x1.75x24 CH19x10 Fl.26.5

TAB.111L M14x1.5xL CH17x11 Fl.23

TAB.113L M12x1.5xL CH17x11 Fl.23

TAB.120L M12x1.25xL CH17x7 Ø22

R12 spherical wheel bolts

TAB.11L M12x1.5xL CH17x13 Fl.22

TAB.21 L M14x1.5xL  CH19x13  Ø22 R12

TAB.41L M14x1.5xL CH17x13 Fl.22

TAB.112L M14x1.5xL CH17x11 Fl.22

R13 spherical wheel bolts

TAB.109L M14x1.5xL CH17x11 Fl.24

TAB.115L M12x1.5xL CH17x13 Fl.23

R14 spherical wheel bolts

TAB.114L M12x1.5xL CH17x11 Fl.23

Wheel bolts (Mercedes)

CxZ-DxZ M12/14x1.5x28 CH17 Fl.22 R12


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